12 July 2017

05 June 2017

Paul Penders

Nota oleh Dato' Roslan dari facebook beliau.
Since dah screenshot, sayang pula nak delete.
So here it is.

What is Paul Penders? Secara umum, Paul Penders adalah produk kecantikan yang bebas bahan kimia. Dato Roslan kenal direct dengan Paul ni.

Dari carian google, PP pernah hadir to public (malaysia) dah sebelum ni. Macam ala-ala cosway.
Tapi aku pun tak pernah dengar dan maybe lepas tu pun senyap. So maybe Dato Roslan nak run biz ni, sebab product hanyalah alat. Marketing rulez.

Adakah iPhone memiliki spec phone paling hebat? Tak!
Sebab iphone ada dia punya 'raving fans' dan Apple works like a marketing company, sell life style and added values.
(Barang dikilangkan di China, tak semua part Apple yang buat sendiri)

Sekian, short note from me.

11 March 2017


Working is considered a part of your life (unless you are already retired!). 8 hours a day, 40 hours per week, plus minus 1 hour for commutes is around 40% of your life.

Thus, perks that company offer is somehow important because the company sucks all your brain and soul like literally, so you need to get something back in return other than wages. Sometimes does attract talent and retain best people in the company too.

Yeah I know local company unusually do this, because they are cheapskate and does not have much money. I do envy those MNC and other stable company. Somehow below is the company (not local, read Malaysian) that I stumbled upon online. ( well funded startup maybe? )




27 February 2017

Beli rumah atau sewa?

Hello readers(krikk..krikk).

I've bought 2 ebook about property but yet I haven't own any house yet. My target is to have house(s) that have +ve cashflow which will aid my financial in this tough economic situation nowadays.

Then I stumbled upon an article from Business Insider which sorta funnel to filter out whether you should buy or rent a house. Making a loan with bank to buy a house is a BIG commitment in the long run, thus you need a lot of knowledge before making the decision to do so. Knowledge is power, but don't let too much of information / knowledge make you afraid of make any action. 

16 February 2017


  1. Exercise
  2. Change your environment
  3. Doing new things
  4. Stop questioning yourself !!
    • Do something about it.
    • Accept it and stop beating yourself about it
  5. Change Your Appearance
Everything else is spiraling into self-doubt and delays, making a choice between these two options quite difficult. Overthinking usually leads to bad decisions or no decisions at all, which is probably even worse than making a decision with no thinking at all. The point is to resolve issues, not to waste your time and energy thinking about them all day long
credit: http://www.mycity-web.com/6-things-that-can-boost-your-confidence/

06 February 2017

25 January 2017

Content Marketing

Instead of posting (spamming. eh!) to Facebook group and pretending you are suggesting solution to others (but it's your product) you can actually do this:

Promoting solution to technical people is very different compared to promoting tupperware to your mama. Technical peoples are smart people and you can't hard sell product because they can smell marketing effort 1mile from them. Phew.

However, you can put disclaimer under the post like. " I work on this product" and what not.