27 February 2017

Beli rumah atau sewa?

Hello readers(krikk..krikk).

I've bought 2 ebook about property but yet I haven't own any house yet. My target is to have house(s) that have +ve cashflow which will aid my financial in this tough economic situation nowadays.

Then I stumbled upon an article from Business Insider which sorta funnel to filter out whether you should buy or rent a house. Making a loan with bank to buy a house is a BIG commitment in the long run, thus you need a lot of knowledge before making the decision to do so. Knowledge is power, but don't let too much of information / knowledge make you afraid of make any action. 

16 February 2017


  1. Exercise
  2. Change your environment
  3. Doing new things
  4. Stop questioning yourself !!
    • Do something about it.
    • Accept it and stop beating yourself about it
  5. Change Your Appearance
Everything else is spiraling into self-doubt and delays, making a choice between these two options quite difficult. Overthinking usually leads to bad decisions or no decisions at all, which is probably even worse than making a decision with no thinking at all. The point is to resolve issues, not to waste your time and energy thinking about them all day long
credit: http://www.mycity-web.com/6-things-that-can-boost-your-confidence/

06 February 2017