25 January 2017

Content Marketing

Instead of posting (spamming. eh!) to Facebook group and pretending you are suggesting solution to others (but it's your product) you can actually do this:

Promoting solution to technical people is very different compared to promoting tupperware to your mama. Technical peoples are smart people and you can't hard sell product because they can smell marketing effort 1mile from them. Phew.

However, you can put disclaimer under the post like. " I work on this product" and what not.

15 January 2017

10 morning habits the most well-balanced people

  1.  They're crushing it on commutes
  2. They wake up early, around 6 a.m. or 7 a.m., and are excited for the day
  3. They simplify their wardrobe choices
  4. They create motivation by reminding themselves of their 'why'
  5. They don't drink coffee
  6. They don't surf the web or social sites for hours on end
  7. They drink green smoothies
  8. They eat protein
  9. They work out and actually break a sweat
  10. They simply start

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13 January 2017


Due to my procrastination, i'm here reconfigure my old blog.LOL!
I'm suppose to make a report yet due to my perfectionist behaviour, I've put a side the task and doing other things.Wow kiddo, this is yet another topic that I can write about.

It's quite a long time I haven't write a post imma right? I hope 2017 gonna be nice to me, since I'm at crossroad right now. Quarter life crisis? School already ends and I'm living on my on now. All decision taken will be your own responsibility and it sucks! I think keeping a journal or writing like this will helps my Mr.Brain clear up a little bit because lately I've become an aggressive over thinker.